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One Six Right

September 17, 2006

I had the great pleasure of watching Brian Terwilliger’s movie One Six Right last night. The film was released this summer to DVD (at KOSH, I believe), and it tells the story of the history of Van Nuys Airport. More than just a really interesting historical tale of a remarkable airfield, this movie completely captures the spirit, joy and love of aviation from a pilot’s point of view. Terwilliger uses actual pilots on the field to tell the tale. These folks are from all walks of life and are shot typically seated in their hangars in front of their birds. They talk not just about their memories of the field, but also of their piloting adventures and careers. There were two parts that literally brought tears to my eyes. It served as a great reminder of why we love to fly. This movie is really a love song to GA. It captures the inexplicable emotion of flying exceptionally well.

The movie also contains some of the best air to air photography that I’ve ever witnessed (think Top Gun but for GA). Lastly, AOPA President Phil Boyer provides the backbone of the film’s message that GA airports are special places, and they are irreplaceable. One of the most alarming stats is that one GA airfield closes every week in the US. Boyer is really a great spokesperson for us all, IMHO.

I encourage folks to see it. It is a film not just for aviation buffs but for everyone and everyond. If you’re a pilot, you’ll love it, but try to bring along a friend to get some of these important messages out.

Check out to see many of the films great shots, and learn more about it.