Left Turn over Santa Cruz

Monterey off the right.

Headed out of PAO this afternoon because the weather was just too good to pass up. Piston engines are like Labrador retrievers . .they’re better when you run them. So I regularly take the bird up and run it hot-ish for a couple of hours. This theoretically heats up the oil and burns off any moisture in the engine that can lead to corrosion. It’s also an excellent excuse to go for a ride.

Today was a great trip out over Woodside VOR (OSI) down along the Pacific Coast past Santa Cruz, down the Salinas Valley towards Paso Robles (KPRB). This run usually takes an hr each way, at around 16okts. Weather was severe clear and winds were northerly, but smooth. As always when flying (at least when i’m driving), the hours pass in seconds, and I find myself turning around way too soon.

Uneventful ride and my Continental TSIO-520UB purred along. A month away from annual, so very soon I’ll see what was really going on inside her, but this engine really runs smooth.img_3835.jpg

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One Comment on “Left Turn over Santa Cruz”

  1. braughm Says:

    great pics. can’t wait to see pics from the malibu!

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