Ear issues and GA flying

I found a great post here from blogger Plastic Pilot. Ear issues are a major concern for me after having 3 painful experiences with tubes that wouldn’t equalize on descent (one on a commercial plane, two on GA planes). One of the major reasons I moved up to pressurization was the discomfort and potential for serious damage that can occur from clogged eustachian tubes (the others included kids, ability to get over the WX, bumps and high mtns of the west).

I was reminded of how painful these can be today when flying in a Dutchess on the way back from a maintenance drop of the Mirage. Though my ears were clear, I had some congestion a few weeks ago which must have been lingering. My ears cleared on the many descents today, but they were “sticky”, and it was painful. Even a couple weeks after a cold, all was not right.

Fortunately pressurization really changes this equation, and the Mirage has made a huge difference. I’m also much more careful about being clear before I fly.

One other tip: always fly with Afrin.

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