Wonderful student pilot blogs

Mostly I write about great adventures aloft in the flight levels where the tailwinds carry bags and kids across the US at over 230kts inside a pressure vessel, but tonight I perused some student pilot blogs which brought me back to those awesomely overwhelming early days of learning the basics and intricacies of flight.  In particular I saw 42 And Flying and Aviatress Sarah, both great blogs detailing the day to day lessons and challenges of student pilots.  I really liked the photos, and the way that these two bloggers detailed the almost minute by minute thinking that goes through our heads when we tried to digest the torrent of information that makes up aviation. Even to the detailed level of figuring out how to tune the radios in the rental airplane. . .We all started here.  Moreover, each step we take puts us back to square one in some way:  get the private, then go for IFR. Get the IFR, start moving up in aircraft complexity and difficulty, then start seriously considering your minimums.  . . .It’s a long and wonderfully challenging road.

In short this is awesome stuff, not only because it brings back the beginning of this great journey for each of us, but also because student pilot to G5 pilot, we all share the same awe and passion in each flight, and this is why we share such a remarkable bond.

Go forth and prosper in those crosswinds Sarah and 42 year old student, and let us all know how to help.

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