Could PiperJet be the Dream?

I saw this great post over at PlasticPilot today that highlighted the recent PiperJet maiden flight.  PlasticPilot reminded me of the potential of the PiperJet. I must confess that I now drive a Malibu Mirage, so I’m a little more than biased.  BTW, it took me 2 years to decide on the Mirage and I am now only sorry that I waited.  Tell me in the comments another GA aircraft that can fly at FL210 at 200kts burning well under 20 gph! And it carries my entire family (of 6 . . . 2 adults and 4 young kids).  I am really amazed by this machine (please do wander over to MMOPA if you want to learn more).

But alas, the title of this post is not about Malibus, but rather the potential of the PiperJet.  I’m really intriqued: take a known pressure vessel, strap a jet to the back of it, update it with state of the art avionics and systems, and put it to market.  I’ve read somewhere recently that they have 2 years sold out, but these figures are always a bit hard to pin down.

I’m hoping for all of us that these jets proliferate.  The prospect of being pushed or pulled by a turbine greatly ehances my peace of mind aloft.

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