The Kids Love the Malibu Mirage

Kids Miarage

Originally uploaded by jcal7flickr

One of the best things I love about my Mirage is the cabin! My kids love it. I’ve owned 3 planes: an Skylane, Bonanza, and now a Mirage. The Mirage is so far the best for kids, though the Skylane was a close second. The high wing of the Cessna meant it was always cool and shady, and getting in and out was a breeze. The Bo was really a pilot’s airplane: great for the pilot (they fly like a Porsche) but not so much for the PAX. With the Mirage, as pictured, we fit it all, sit in air-conditioned pressurized comfort, and have a blast.

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3 Comments on “The Kids Love the Malibu Mirage”

  1. Steve Says:

    That photo cracks me up. How do the dogs travel?

  2. jontrue Says:

    Hi Steve,
    The dogs travel great in pressurization. These are my brother’s dogs, but my mom and stepdad have flown their lab all over the western US for years in a Skylane. These two were a joy for this ride and kept the 3 year old busy as can be.

  3. Matt Says:

    ohhh man… If I had a mirage and put my black lab in it I know I would have hair all over the place in minutes and would be a little unhappy haha. But he is mans best friend so… Sounds like an awesome aircraft for ya!

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