Sarah Palin a Pilot? – UPDATED

Rumor has it that John McCain’s new running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a GA Pilot.  I’ve heard it from good sources of my own in DC, but I haven’t been able to confirmed it through the FAA dbase or other online resources.   AOPA discusses her legislative background with respect to GA here.

This is a critical time for our industry, and I look forward to hearing about the responses to AOPA’s surveys.

I just caught a bit on Greta van Susteren’s Fox News interview of Sarah Palin that finally solves this question . . See this link, and look for the 7th video down (titled “Todd Palin Teaches Greta to Ride A Snowmachine”). 2:30 mins in they are walking by Todds plane, which looks like an old C-180 on skis, and Greta asks,

“Can you fly?”.

Palin answers, “No, not something I’m into,”

Then proceeds to say that his plane is “like a little tin can, a tuna fish can”.

So, after two and a half months, mystery solved, thanks to Fox New’s Greta.

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One Comment on “Sarah Palin a Pilot? – UPDATED”

  1. Bob Sabia Says:

    I also, am trying to confirm that Sarah Palin is a GA pilot.
    Heard a commentator on 930 KLUP (San Antonio TX) say she was a “…pilot, moose hunter…”
    I am looking for confirmation. AOPA said that her husband owned a Super Cub and was “single-engine” rated with an expired 3rd class medical (but also, admitted that the AOPA medical database may not be current).

    So…. Would like to confirm from a hard source.


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