Good Morning Las Vegas

Departed out of LAS Thurs am back to the Bay Area.  Headed down for the Interbike trade show. Once again the Mirage has the capability to bend time.

Controllers routed me around in a high 270 due to loads of arriving traffic, which is how I grabbed this pic. The actual instrument clearance/departure was pretty quick and easy.  Lots of traffic on the Sunset2 arrival, however.  On the ground, Signature was incredible with their service.  I recommend them completely.  Free shuttle to the strip, fuel immediately, sandwich lunch on the way out.  Top quality.  Atlantic, on the other hand. . .

The Strip from above

The Strip from above

 well, longer story but not so much.

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One Comment on “Good Morning Las Vegas”

  1. Jack Says:

    A better view of LAS than I had the last time I was there…via US Air on my way home from my Midwest/East Coast adventure. I’d much rather see the sights via our Arrow or any other GA airplane for that matter.

    Agreed re: Signature. They were great at Midway on our way to and from Oshkosh. They were also wonderfun at Bradley Internatinal in Windsor Locks, CT.

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