Blue Angels Photos from SF

This is by far my favorite weekend to live in SF.  Actually almost every weekend is perfect for flying here, but this weekend is perfect for the Blue Angles to fly here.  Each year on Columbus day weekend they perform two shows (and practice the thursday and friday before).  The Bay never dissappoints. . with great weather, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge providing a great backdrop.  This year I watched two shows:  Saturday right near the Ferry Building (near the Bay Brige), and Sunday on the opposite side of the Bay, just under the Golden Gate.  What can I say, they rocked the house.  Here are some pics:

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7 Comments on “Blue Angels Photos from SF”

  1. Mayra Says:

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing. I love airplanes!

  2. destinedforwhat Says:

    i was there for what i guess is Fleet Week back in October 2000. i had never been to SF so i was out sightseeing at the Golden Gate Bridge and was there in perfect time to stand at one end of the bridge and watch the Blue Angels do their fly overs. it was really cool. having a dad who loves to fly and who would drag me to air shows as a kid, i have a small appreciation for events like this. your pictures turned out much better than mine 🙂

  3. Rick Sanchez Says:

    I lived in the Bay area for 10 years and fleet week was always my favorite. One of the most beautiful structures on earth, the Golden Gate Bridge and the powerful grace of the Blue Angels doing their thing over the bay was always an awesome sight.

    Thanks for the reminder. With a little luck I may make it up there for next year’s show.

  4. Nikhil Kardale Says:

    Oh wonderful pictures.. thanks for sharing!

  5. I LOVE the Blue Angels! I’ve seen them a few times during shows in Mississippi. LOL…flying over cotton fields vs. the Bay but still just as exciting.

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures!

    p.s. I also got a chance to check out other posts in your blog. Great job.

  6. Crystal Says:

    I love watching air shows. The Blue Angels are wonderful! I also love the picture of the Tetons in your header. The perspective is Grand.

  7. jontrue Says:

    Thanks Crystal. . .The Tetons are pretty spectacular. Just now covered with snow. Awesome.

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