Pilatus Fever

I was lucky enough to experience a PC12 this weekend, and sadly, I’m not sure my flying will ever be the same.  The plane was enormous inside, super fast up high, insane amounts of power in climb, but landed at 80 knots like a dream. It also was among the lightest workload as a pilot I’ve ever witnessed or experienced.  Automation and intelligence on steroids.  The Swiss have an incredible winner here.

Someday, I can hope!

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One Comment on “Pilatus Fever”

  1. PlasticPilot Says:

    Glad you like swiss products 😉

    I’ve known the PC-12 for years, and it’s definitely a dream. From a short grass strip to FL240… I recently had the chance to visit the Pilatus factory in Stans (Switzerland), and I understand your fever. Mine is cured by the lack of money 😦


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