Airplane Make/Model User groups

When you decide to purchase any make and model aircraft, it’s best to first consult the experts.  In Cessnas you have the amazing Cessna Pilot’s Association (CPA), in Bonanzas the American Bonanza Society (who’s home base in Wichita, KS I just drove by!!!) , and in Cirrus you have COPA.  All are groups that strive to connect owners and provide valuable make/model information.  I have found that all vary in their strengths and weaknesses:  COPA is amazing at the web resources while CPA has model guides that have been built up over the years and ABS tends towards the technical. I highly recommend anyone purchasing a make/model to subscribe to that make/model’s online group. Prices vary from free through $25/year all the way to $250/year.  There is even a free one for Saratogas on Yahoo Groups called “TogaParty”.  I’m a member of many but not affiliated in any way with any, but I can tell you that I’ve more than made up for my investments in all of them with the knowledge that I’ve gleaned.

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