VLJ Event Canceled

Just heard the upcoming NBAA VLJ event in San Diego was canceled. This represents yet another setback (or I guess is a reflections of the setbacks) for the VLJ industry.   I’ve been rooting for all of the VLJ manufacturers from the start, mostly because the arrival of an entirely new aviation platform would spur significant innovation in materials, manufacturing, avionics, cost and usage of airplanes.  VLJs would have created other impacts to the entire GA and corporate jet fleet, but in most cases would have raised the bar for all market participants to hone their value to their target customer, which in turn would have meant better options for we pilots and GA passengers.

It’s no blinding insight to say that aviation is in for a very tough period.  Aviation Today reports a drop in commercial PAX volume of 41mm intp 2010, and all of us have noticed the local “patch” being pretty quiet these days.  There are massive human costs to this recession that are squarely hitting GA:  I was in KS the day that Cessna announced their layoffs, most of which were in KS.  The human pain and costs here are real, and the innovation gap that we may be entering will have long term problems for the country’s cometitiveness in the aviation business (of course, in this recession, no country will be spared).

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