Sully Sullenberger is awesome on 60 Minutes – Pilots do NOT miss!

A remarkable interview on 60 Minutes on CBS by Katie Couric tonight about the amazing act of heroism and pilotage on the Hudson on Jan 15th.   A few close-to quotes below but please, please watch this interview if you’re a GA Pilot.   CBS did a great job on this story.

Congratulations to the Crew and Flight Attendants for such a safe and amazing display of proficiency, training and skill.

Sort 0f Quotes that all of us Pilots can appreciate:

i never thought this would happen to me. i thought i’d end my career without crashing an airplane

i felt, heard and smelled the evidence of them (birds) going into the engines

i felt the vibrations of them going into the engine.  it was louder than any thunderstorm i heard growing up in TX.

i felt a complete loss of forward momentum

i turned to my co-pilot and said, “my aircraft”

it would be problematic reaching the runway

Sully made the decision to go into the Hudson 1 minute after birstrikes (!) and only 2.5 mins after takeoff!!!

Did you ever pray?  i imagined that someone in the back was taking care of that for me. i focused on flying the airplane.

physiological reaction i had to this was strong.  it took some concentration to calm myself.

brace for impact

i had business to attend to and i had a job to do.

to the first responders. . “thank you seems totally inadequete. I have a debt of gratitude that i fear I will never be able to repay.”

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