KindleDX works for Approach Plates!

For a long time I’ve wanted a system to easily display charts electronically in the cockpit.  For all the obvious reasons, having an electronic backup (or primary) version is great for the space-constrained world of the GA cockpit.  With all of the easy places to download up to date NOS charts on the day of departure, the reader is the last piece to fall into place to enable a paperless cockpit.

This past fall I purchased a Garmin 696, which I LOVE. The 696 excels at enroute charting (esp IFR), WX overlay and XM radio.  It is a super product, and a really valuable add-on to any panel, but it is pricey, both for the hardware and for the data.

Today I finally got a hold of a KindleDX and played around with it.  See photos.  In short, the DX seems to work great.  The DX has native PDF support, which is the key to enable the transfer of PDF-based NOS charts to the device.  Once charts are downloaded in PDF format (in my case from, you simply drag the charts over to the Kindle via USB, open them up in the Kindle table of contents, and voila, charts appear.

The KindleDX also has an iPhone-like orientation accelerometer, which means when you turn it from landscape to portrait, the image and document rotates 90 degrees.  This enables you to view the document in either mode. You can also zoom in on a particular piece of the approach.  It works great.  Tthis might finally be one of the first super easy ways to view approach plates.

The Kindle works best in direct light (eg sunlight) so I am really optomistic about it’s use in the cockpit.  I’m heading PAO-JAC tomorrow so will have ample time to test it.  Oh, and of course it holds all of your books and newspapers, so its much more than just a cockpit device, which is particularly nice on the road.

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7 Comments on “KindleDX works for Approach Plates!”

  1. PDF Plates Says:

    We have started producing volumes of approach plates in pdf format. Free download, and they work great on the Kindle DX. A/FD coming soon.

  2. Gold Seal Says:

    AirBrief did it first and already has complete approach plate volumes, Airport Facility Directories, and several FAA publication online for free download.
    We also have a fully Kindle-ized (i.e. not a .pdf) of the FARs. Download is completely free and no signup required. Available at:

  3. jontrue Says:

    Great to see these resources for charts coming to the market. Thank you AirBrief and PDF Plates!

  4. aa2/2123.php Says:

    […] KindleDX works for Approach Plates! « Aloft […]

  5. 2123.php Says:

    […] KindleDX works for Approach Plates! « Aloft […]

  6. GCo Says:

    Now I’ve just got to find someone to take my Kindle 2 off my hands…

  7. Mooniac Says:

    If only we could get a usb gps to give us georeferenced charts on the DX!

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