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PiperJet Flies at Oshkosh!

July 28, 2009

Video here on the main EAA page of the PiperJet overhead Oshkosh today.

It sure looks spectacular and smooth.

I hope Piper and the economy conspire to get this airplane built.

An early start for his ground school

July 24, 2009

Bo gets an early start to ground school.  Also looks like the Mirage was too comfy to leave, even after we had landed.  Once again, the Tiger rode “table”.

Bo gets a jump on ground school

Bo gets a jump on ground school

iger rode ‘table’.

Another Great PAO-JAC commute

July 23, 2009

Made the commute run in 3hrs 08mins at FL250. Great winds, a little bit of dodging the big boomers, and some nice time between layers. But with tailwinds and speeds of 230kts GS, it was an all too short ride.

Short final to KJAC

July 19, 2009

Couldn’t resist adding the final shot. Winds calm and it was absolutely the picture perfect approach.These are the approaches we pilots dream of . . .

Short Final to KJAC

Short Final to KJAC

Left Base

July 18, 2009

Left Base

Sunset arrival to KJAC

July 18, 2009

Jackson ArrivalJust got in tonight and was kept high due to an American 757 ahead of me on final. Got to snap this pic as on high left downwind. Notice the field in the near part of the photo. This was taken at FL150. Field elev is approx 6500′.  Perfect eve for a ride. Wind calm, no buildups.

Tetons on Descent

July 1, 2009

Couldn’t resist posting some clear shots of the Tetons on descent the other day. In the second pic (with wing), the field is under the aircraft, approx 7000′ below. We were high due to 3 other jets on the ILS. That’s where the speed brakes come in handy.