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GA keeps small business running

September 29, 2009

Glad the WSJ found time to make this case for the importance of GA and small airplanes in our everyday business lives.

Line Crew

September 28, 2009

After a day of surfing with 3 of the 4 boys, we enjoyed a smooth ride up from SoCal today at FL140. Nice push from the southwest made it shorter than normal.

When we arrived the line crew (age 2) was waiting to instruct me where to taxi and park.


September 27, 2009
bird at rest - CRQ

bird at rest - CRQ

Two of the best things about General Aviation are that you can 1) alter space and time 2) be spontaneous.  I decided friday to head down to SoCal with 3 of my 4 boys for a quick trip to the beach and, yes, LegoLand.  We regularly do “guys” weekends, and this one took it to a bit of a new level in terms of their interest level (Legos completely beat the aquarium or beach).  In deciding this on a friday, we altered time and space for our weekend.  Though it didn’t feel like a great trade while we were waiting in line at an amusement park, later in the day when we were all splashing in the (relatively) warm Pacific, or laughing over fish ‘n chips as we watched the sunset, it really felt like a different place and time.

Related to this was the simple fact that we made the decision to get the wheels in the wells late friday.  It was spontaneous, which made it exciting.  The kids (and I!) had a sense for the possible.  We could be on the beach tomorrow/at LegoLand tomorrow! When Saturday arrived, we went about our normal morning, but after my 6 year old’s soccer game, we strolled leisurely to the airport, started up the bird and pointed the nose up.

Sometimes it’s the simple trips, full of their small experiences that remind us of the sheer power, exhilaration and wonder of flight.

Fall Weekend In Jackson Hole

September 7, 2009

Summer ended this weekend in Jackson, KJAC, as evidenced by the turning of the leaves, departure of the birds, and arrival of the elk for winter. It’s definitely not fully fall in WY, but the light in the sky and chill to the air tell you it’s coming.  We departed KJAC around 4pm MST bound for sunny Palo Alto. On the departure from 19 you overfly Snow King, the local ski hill (photo 1).

The winds were strong aloft, so I throttled back to economy cruise to be sure we had ample fuel for the trip.  For most of the trip at FL200, our ground speed averaged a paltry 150kts, making our “milk run” longer than usual at 4hrs 15mins.  Kids didn’t seem to mind, and enjoyed pillow fights and wrestling matches in the back (they are small, and it was smooth).

We did, however, get a great sunset while crossing DOCAL into KPAO. My 4 year old son (and co-pilot) caught it on film in the photo below.