Fall Weekend In Jackson Hole

Summer ended this weekend in Jackson, KJAC, as evidenced by the turning of the leaves, departure of the birds, and arrival of the elk for winter. It’s definitely not fully fall in WY, but the light in the sky and chill to the air tell you it’s coming.  We departed KJAC around 4pm MST bound for sunny Palo Alto. On the departure from 19 you overfly Snow King, the local ski hill (photo 1).

The winds were strong aloft, so I throttled back to economy cruise to be sure we had ample fuel for the trip.  For most of the trip at FL200, our ground speed averaged a paltry 150kts, making our “milk run” longer than usual at 4hrs 15mins.  Kids didn’t seem to mind, and enjoyed pillow fights and wrestling matches in the back (they are small, and it was smooth).

We did, however, get a great sunset while crossing DOCAL into KPAO. My 4 year old son (and co-pilot) caught it on film in the photo below.

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One Comment on “Fall Weekend In Jackson Hole”

  1. Very nice pics. I’ve flown from KDPA to KSNA many times and experienced those kind of winds. Just have to sit back and enjoy. I kind of miss that now.

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