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Fall in the Rockies, Malibu-style

October 10, 2009

Jumped in the Malibu for a quick jaunt to Jackson Hole today. Got there in 3:20 burning just 80gals of 100LL . . . the Mirage is one efficient machine.  Clear skies the entire route until descent, where we flew through a 2000′ layer or so from 160-140, broke out over the FAF at FAPMO and then greased it onto a still runway.  Beautiful night in the mountains, but cold! 31 degrees F when we opened the door.  Our warm Norcal departure didn’t prep us for that arctic blast.

Blue Angels over Pier 38

October 10, 2009

Great video of the Angel’s practice on Thurs. What I most like about this clip is the roar of the engines.

Blue Angels on the Ramp at San Francisco

October 8, 2009

Today was the fist day of the Blue Angels practice for Fleet Week in the skies above SFO, and the roar of the jets was spectacular.

This is always the finest to live in the Bay Area, because the Angels make the most of the City’s beautiful setting.

My Blue Angels week started out on Tuesday with about 2 hrs on the ramp with the lead solo, Major Nathan Miller. (Photos above)

Major Miller was an exceptional host to us as he talked about the discipline, pride and precision that is the hallmark of the Blue Angels.  He was a wonderful ambassador for the Blue Angels and all of the Armed Services, and the pride he displayed in his work made us all proud to be Americans to see such an accomplished and talented aviator so focused on his mission.  He was in the zone, which is what it takes to fly a pack of 45,000 lb. aircraft at speeds of over 300kts within literally inches of one another (in formation).

There were two pilots in our group of five, though all of us were in awe as Major Miller discussed the distances, procedures and closure speeds of the group’s various maneuvers.  At one point he literally “walked” us up and down the plane to demonstrate where each jet flies in their famous “Diamond” formation.  Trust me when I say that these jets are close!

The F/A 18 Hornets will be flying a full practice tomorrow, Friday October 10th, as well as two shows Saturday October 11th and October 12th above the Bay.  Full schedule here.