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How to survive a plane crash

December 26, 2009

A brief but insightful blog post on how to survive a plane crash by the President of Amsafe Aviation (makers of GA and commecial aviation airbags) on how to survive a plane crash.

Of most interest to me was the “critical 90 seconds” and the fact that you’re 15x more likely to suffer a fatality from driving than from flying. . ..

Netjets in NYTimes

December 5, 2009

Interesting read here on NYTimes about the turnaround at NetJets.  It will be interesting to see how the industry leader decides to curtail cost and keep the luxury image.  NetJets prides itself (and succeeds) on being tops in customer service.  We’ve seen at other consumer brand examples (Southwest, JetBlue, Starbucks) that good employee morale is usually responsible for great customer service.  Some ominous signs in the article about morale . . .

Lessons here for the entire fractional market. Also note toward the end that approx 10% of the fleet of 800 will shortly be sold off.

A Beautiful Aerial Glimpse of the Future

December 2, 2009

My good friend Patrick told me the story a few weeks ago of how he proposed to his wife Alex back in 2005.  Though not a pilot, Patrick had always been an aviation buff and arranged to propose to the love of his life from above Ocean Beach.  Please click through to hear the wonderfully touching story of his proposal to Alex from the back of a Trinidad.

The photos are terrific, as is the planning and vision that Patrick had for this day.

I was particularly struck by Alex’s description of her initial moments aloft, “I saw hope. I felt light and life for a moment felt effortless. I suppose this is why some people love to learn how to fly.”