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Osh Kosh wakeup call

July 29, 2010

Morning wakeup call Osh Kosh style! Be sure to view thru to 0:20.

Foreflight keeps innovating

July 28, 2010

Stopped by the Foreflight booth here at Osh and was wildly impressed with their ‘touch screen’ planning feature announced Monday.

I’m an avid fan of the Foreflight iPad app, specifically on the 3G (because of the GPS chip). The app makes filing, briefing a snap, and the ‘killer app’ for me is the approach plates, which are incredibly easy to download and access. The other killer app is georeferencing on normal charting, which shows the aircraft position on VFR maps or IFR high and low enroute charts this works incredibly well aloft.

As long as the charts have been previously downloaded onto the ipad, once in flight
(and therefore not connected to the web), the aircraft is displayed on the charts. I used it yesterday at FL410, and last week at 210, and georeferencing worked flawlessly.

The newest feature is called ‘touch screen flight planning’ and it works like it sounds. On any map, simply press on a waypoint (airports or IFR intersections), and this becomes part of your flight plan. To change a mid-flight waypoint, simply drag the magenta line (what’s called ‘rubber band’ movement) over another waypoint to add it to your flightplan. This is valuable in planning any flight, but it makes airway routing much easier. Simply touch all of the intermediate waypoints and they get added to the plan. Simply awesome.

When you’ve selected a route that looks good, hit the brief/file button to get a full briefing and sent it to ATC for filing. I also like the option of “favoriting” a route.

I’d encourage you to check them out at

Cost for full charting is $6.00/mo.

One missing feature is georeferencing on approach plates. The company says this is currently disabled due to the inaccuracies of the iPad GPS chip. Clearly being even slightly off on an approach is a much bigger deal than enroute, so I believe and respect their thinking here. My guess is something allows this to improve within the next 12mos or so.

Even so, digital georeferenced charts, touch screen planning, Wx briefing all make this is a killer app for the cockpit and the iPad.

Garmin 696

July 28, 2010

Big news from the Garmin booth:
– software version 4.0 for gns 696
– Jepp charts nowise on 696 with georefererecing! This means your aircraft is displayed on the chart, which OS huge for situational awareness
– requires a $500 unlock fee to Garmin and then a current Jepp sub.
– Naco plates will have this by end of year

Garmin Pilot Mycast

July 28, 2010

Airventure show special for a free 30 day trial of Garmin’s Pilot Mycast app for iPhone, bberry and android. Dot need to be at the show to get the free offer, just find it through the apps store.

Looks good, bt doesn’t ye have the gps-chart integration that the Foreflight guys have done so well. Still, the weather and mapping looks nice.

I plan to demo it and will write more later on results.

Arrival at Osh Kosh

July 27, 2010

Just arriving at KOSH for a week of Airventure. Incredible ride in, but sad news on arrival of a crash at Whitman. Fortunately rumor is no serious injuries.