Wired article on iPad

Great article here about the power of the iPad for aviation. I’ve written about my experiences with it, but the more hours I log with the iPad the more enamoured i am with it in the cockpit.

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One Comment on “Wired article on iPad”

  1. skydoc Says:

    There is a great misunderstanding about the iPad capabilities regarding GPS. By GPS I mean Global Positioning Satellite receiver and satellite position and nav. THE IPAD DOES NOT HAVE A GPS. NO VERSION OF THE IPAD CURRENTLY HAS A SATELLITE RECEIVER. The ipad uses a derived calculation of position, based on an initial 3G computation, then uses a form of accelerometers to derive a calculated global position, but it is certainly NOT A GPS.

    While it would be GREAT to incorporate a true GPS into the ipad, blogs, reviews, and even Apple materials are misleading on this matter, and disappointing to anyone who tries to use it in their aircraft, boat, or car and thinks they are going to get true position information without a wifi or 3G connection.

    Maybe some day this will be improved so we can get position info AND our XM weather superimposed on the great maps available through other apps.

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