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Airways iPhone App is Simple and Smart!

September 11, 2010

I just heard about the new iPhone app called Airways over on MMOPA.  I downloaded it and have tried it a bit. It’s simple and powerful, and i think it’s well worth the $19.99.

The problem:

Airways solves the problem known to all GNS430 and 530 pilots. You get an assigned airway routing but need to manually find then input all of the intermediate waypoints along the airway. On long cross country flights, or flights with intersecting airways (esp in places like Los Angeles and congested airspace), this can be a time consuming and error prone process.  For the non-pilots reading, clearances are normally delivered just prior to departure, so it’s at a time-constrained moment in flight prep.

The little app simply asks which airway, which entry point and exit point, and then lists intermediate waypoints.

Simple, intuitive, but powerful and a time-saver.