KJAC to KPAO @ FL200

Had a great trip today from Jackson to Palo Alto. Spent Christmas and New Years vacay up there with the kids and family, and wanted to get home yesterday (Sun). The big low in the Bay made it seem like it would have been a tough last hour of the flight for my PAX (lots of ice and turbulence), so we postponed for a day and flew the trip today. I knew it was the right call Sunday when I made it, but boy was that confirmed when we woke up today and saw the incredibly crisp, clear day.

We flew the trip in 3:18 with a 25kt tailwind (yes, tailwind heading west) the entire way (FL200).  The Mirage was clocking 222kts over the ground most of the trip.  It was a smooth, quiet, fun ride.  Kids had a blast in the back, and parents marveled at the incredible visibility and beauty below.  Some good shots embedded of the journey, including the sunset.

Today was one of those days you love and flying.

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