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Garmin 696

July 28, 2010

Big news from the Garmin booth:
– software version 4.0 for gns 696
– Jepp charts nowise on 696 with georefererecing! This means your aircraft is displayed on the chart, which OS huge for situational awareness
– requires a $500 unlock fee to Garmin and then a current Jepp sub.
– Naco plates will have this by end of year

Garmin Pilot Mycast

July 28, 2010

Airventure show special for a free 30 day trial of Garmin’s Pilot Mycast app for iPhone, bberry and android. Dot need to be at the show to get the free offer, just find it through the apps store.

Looks good, bt doesn’t ye have the gps-chart integration that the Foreflight guys have done so well. Still, the weather and mapping looks nice.

I plan to demo it and will write more later on results.